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                                        Quinn Process Equipment Company (QPEC) specializes in the design and manufacture of process equipment for the mineral, hazardous waste, titanium, and graphene industries. With Over 120 years combined experience in the development and application of the 38 product lines, QPEC can offer assistance in the development of plant and equipment design. QPEC Specializes in the design and manufacture of Solvent Extraction Mixer-Settler units for a range of flows from 100 ml per minute to 450 cubic meters per hour. Units can be provided in a wide range of materials of construction and a variety of FRP (fiberglass reinforced polyester) resins to suit virtually all applications.

                                        Quinn Process Equipment Co. (QPEC)
                                        3400 Brighton Blvd.
                                        Denver, CO 80216
                                        Phone: 303-295-2872

                                        Email: quinnproc@aol.com



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