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                                        Quinn Process Equipment Company (QPEC) manufactures a broad range of equipment for pilot plant and commercial size mineral processing plants.

                                        The following is a brief description of Quinn Process Equipment Company’s experience in the area of design and manufacture for mixer-settler solvent extraction units.

                                        We at Quinn Process Equipment Company have specialized, for over 30 years, in the design and manufacture of process equipment for pilot plants and small commercial size plants in the minerals industry. Our equipment includes materials handling, crushing, grinding, classification, agitation, conditioning, flotation, filters, pumps, thickeners and mixer-settler solvent extraction equipment.

                                        The majority of our equipment can be supplied in a broad range of materials of construction to meet the needs of the particular application. These include mild steel, many stainless steel alloys, a wide variety of rubber linings, urethane lined, many thermoplastics, fiberglass in numerous resins and other exotic alloys and materials such as titanium, inconel and monel materials.

                                        We have extensive experience in the successful design and manufacture of a broad range of mixer-settlers. The following is a description of our history, installations, personnel of operating plants that you are free to contact (some of these plants are confidential and the client will probably be hesitant to discuss the exact process).

                                        These units have always included the mixer and settler tank(s) and also the complete mixer mechanism(s).

                                        Click here to download - QPEC Experience in the Design and Manufacture of Mixer-Settlers

                                        Click here to download - Flotation Equipment Manufacturing Experience

                                        ADDITIONAL ENGLISH BROCHURES

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                                        Quinn Process Equipment Co.
                                        3400 Brighton Blvd.
                                        Denver, CO 80216
                                        Phone: 303-295-2872

                                        Email: quinnproc@aol.com


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